Because we rely on an Italian manufacturer for nine years at the forefront in teh production of electric bicycles. With details and impeccable finish of Italian quality, style and design. With a great and unquestionable reliability and the guarantee of all technical components of the brands most representative of the industry.

In Bicihippy we promise to promoting the use of electric bicycles, because it improves the enviormental conditions and helps those who use it to hold a healthy lifestyle. The group Bicihippy is at the technological forefront in the field of electric bicycles and is present in every moment of production, to offer the best quality at an unbeatable price.

All Bicihippy have the certification to EN 15194 and comply with the European Directive 2002/24/EC, thus ensuring the highest quality and safety, in line with the current EU standard.

Any bike that meets these standards is considered, for the LAW purposes, as a conventional bicycle to all effects and can be used on public roads without any problems, it is interesting to observe these rules beacuse not all bicycles that are on the market are in conformity with European legislation.


The assisted bicycles Bicihippy is an innovative concept and alternative as compared with the traditional bicycle to motor vehicles, combining the strengths and the quality of both kinds of vehicles.

It is in fact a vehicle use extremely versatile, perfect solution to quickly and effortlessly in the chaotic city traffic or on the weekend to make long trips out of town.

By being able to choose the level of pedaling assistance provided by the electric motor, Bicihippy bikes are perfectly suited to the needs of usage and the physical conditions of each potential user. You can choose to ride in a relaxed way (thus avoiding sweating while commuting to work, for example) or to increase exercise to keep in shape (eg, during a walk in the weekends).

The use of Bicihippy bikes is also safer in traffic than a traditional bicycle, because of the greater ease of acceleration gives more control and agility of movement.

In the European Union (such as the Spain), the electrically assisted bicycles are treated by the Highway Code to cycles and, therefore, do not require license plate, insurance, road tax or driving license and of course not to provide for any cost of fuel.

The electrically assisted bicycles Bicihippy do not pay the parking and are ideal for driving in areas with limited traffic, as they do not pollute and are extremely quiet.

The Bicihippy are the ideal solution for your needs of sustainable mobility offering the ability to move freely and comfortably, and above all without neglecting the care of the health and welfare of the body, respecting the enviorment that surrounds us.