BICIHIPPY is the first company that comes in Ibiza from Francesco and Alessandro’s love for cycling. They have turned their passion for two wheels into a trade, aimed at enviormental protection and sustainable mobility.

The team, with its BICIHIPPY offers:

  • For the Island population a brilliant alternative, for the short and medium distances, to motor vehicles and public transport, allowing fast travellings without the constraints of time and location, without pollution, without effort, taking advantage of the bike paths, accessing traffic limited areas, parking free, without the compulsory use of helmets, license plate and insurance.
  • to tourists and the faithful lovers of the most famous island in the world, a guide to the knowledge of places and trails that are open evidence of its eventful history.

Purchasing or renting it, the Bicihippy allows you to freely choose the ratio between electric assistance and muscular effort, thus adapting to the physical demands and practices of all possible users, from youth sports to the more mature people that don’t want to give up the freedom of movement