What is a pedal assisted electric bicycle?

It is a bicycle equipped with an auxiliary electric motor which helps the ciclyst when he pedals. It is defined by European legislation EN 15194. 
If an electric bike works even without the rider pedals, then it is an electric moped, which i subject to different legislation.

To use it I have to put the helmet and/or have insurance?

According to the standard, the electric bike with pedal assistance shall be treated in all respects as a normal bike and then apply the rules and exemptions in force for normal bicycles. However, helmet use reduce the risk of brain injuries in an accident. The insurance is obviously not mandatory.

Do I have to register it or put on the license plate?

No, the electric bike is not subject to registration and it doesn’t need for a license plate in order to move.

How much autonomy of travel can I expect?

On the technical sheet of each model, is indicated the maximum distance that you can expect from the bike in optimum condition. The parameters that influences the journey are many and are listed in the product instructions. In general, the factors that may reduce the distance are:

    • the uphills;
    • the reduced muscular contribution;
    • city use (stop-and-go);
    • the cold;
    • the user’s weight;
    • the high speed;
    • the age of the battery;
    • the headwind;
    • insufficient tire pressure;
    • lack of maintenance of the bicycle.

Some customers told us distances much greater than those specified by us, we know that is possible, but depends on the fact that users are atypical and they provide a significant muscular contribution.

How many kilometers you can do with a fully charged battery?

Batteries 36V 10ah, present in our bikes were tested individually and tested for safety and durability, the latter, together with the new brushless motor of 250 watts 8 Fun, give to Bicihippy a cruising range from 40 to 80 kilometers per charge (cost 20 euro cents).

Is it possible to use Bicihippy to go uphill?

It is one of the typical reasons why you buy an electric bike, because it is a valuable aid in climbing.
All our models are equipped with multiple gears that allow you to measure out, in the best way, the muscular contribution of the cyclist.

How much slope can you overcome?

The ability to “climb” of electric bikes depends on several factors:

◦ steepness of the climb;
◦ weight of the rider;
◦ amount of muscular contribution;
◦ battery level;
◦ bike model;
◦ selected assistance level.

An athletic girl of 50 kg may even exceed a gradient of 15-20%, while a sedentary man of 100 kg may exceed unlikely 10%. The only way to know for sure is to try the bicycle on the path that you want to do.

What is the purpose of the large cross-section tires?

Comfort and safety: they absorb the roughness of the road surface by reducing the stresses transmitted to the body of the rider, while also improving the control.
Contrary to common belief, the use of typical “urban commuter”, the rolling resistance is equivalent to th normal tires, even better on the worst funds or porphyry cobblestones.

Which batteries do you use?

We use Lithium batteries.
Lithium is lighter, has a muche higher energy density, makes many more cycles but costs a lot more, and the lead is bulkier, heavier, less harsh, but it costs less and it is possible, and cheaper replace cells at the end of the lifecycle.

Does the batteries have the memory effect?

Lead and Lithium quality cells, has no memory effect, in fact they last much longer if they are charged often before they are discharged.

I do not have a power outlet in the garage, how can I recharge the battery?

All our batteries are removable, so you can detach them from the Bicihippy and bring them to your home or office for the recharging.

How long does the battery take to recharge?

It depends on the battery capacity and the residual charge, usually from 2 to 4 hours.

There is a standard Bicihippy warranty on bicycles?

Yes, the details can be found in the instruction manual and warranty at our store.

What are the maintenance required by an electric bicycle?

The maintenance requirements are those generally provided for a traditional bicycle and may vary according to the frequency of use and the kind of use that is made of vehicle. The electric motor (tested and fully sealed) requires no specific maintenance. Within the operating instructions that are delivered together with the bike there is a detailed maintenance plan that helps the user to take care of the vehicle. A vehicle maintained and efficent ensures greater reliability, performance and security by allowing you to get the maximum benefit from each ride. For repairs and maintenance Bicihippy always recommend to consult with our specialist workshop.